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Noryan Home


Luxury Waterless Diffuser Noryan Home employs our unique nebulizing technology, which uses air to diffuse oils instead of heat or water. This preserves the aromatic integrity of the oils, allowing for longer-lasting diffusion that leaves no residue. Designed for spaces up to 1000 sq, the Noryan Home allows unrivaled user control, with the ability to adjust fragrance intensity as desired for a long-lasting and evenly distributed scent


Experience diffusion at the right saturation and speed that evenly distributes scent while keeping the aromatic integrity of your favorite oils intact. Enjoy waterless, heatless and residue-free diffusion with Noryan Home


Coverage: 100 - 1,000 square feet
24/7 Timer
Bluetooth Connectivity
Adjustable scent intensity and run time using our app
Includes an empty diffuser bottle to hold diffuser oil (oil not included)
Holds 120ml bottle of fragrance (that lasts 1–3 months depending on usage)
No mixing with water required
Power: 110-240V AC
Consumption of approx. 0.5ml/hr.
Dimension: 3"W x 12"H
Weight: 3lbs