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First impressions are important but last impressions are remembered the most. To deliver a memorable customer experience, you must explore a path that most ignore. Most businesses appeal to their customer’s over-stimulated visual senses and struggle for their very limited attention span. With Noryan’s range of services, you can maximize an underrated sense- the sense of smell-through scent marketing. Appeal to your customer's sense of smell, and you will impact their other senses, trigger positive emotions and boost brand perception. This is what will keep you at the top of their minds and keep them coming back.


Scent Marketing

Use scenting to give your business a personality so palpable, your customers can experience an almost human connection with your brand. We translate your brand essence into a distinct fragrance that will come to represent you.


HVAC Scenting

Large hall, hotel lobby or casino, Noryan provides efficient scenting, discreetly delivered through your HVAC system.


Event Scenting

Fully immerse your guests and create a pleasantly unforgettable hosting impression. From parties, weddings, performances to exhibitions, Noryan event scenting adds intrigue to your event.


Signature Scenting

Our 360° scent branding services provides custom scents and products from diffuser oils and candles to lotions, shampoos, body wash and soap, with your personalized fragrance.


In a competitive market, words are not enough. Let your clients experience you through their most compelling sense-the sense of smell.


For guests, the ultimate hospitality experience means comfort. And if exceptional service quality is part of your brand message, you want your guests to not only feel comfortable but also be immersed in the experience. With the right use of scent, you can subtly impact their emotions and induce a feeling of relaxation that boosts your brand perception.

We apply our understanding of scent science, to ensure that your guests feel the aura of home during their stay, and long to relive that experience when they return home. Work with Noryan for 360° scenting that transforms your hotel atmosphere into a breath of fresh air, literally! From diffuser oils to lotions, shampoos, body wash and soap, we personalize your products with your exclusive fragrances.


Your clients should anticipate the feeling of being pampered from the moment they step through your doors. Building up this anticipation could impact how they perceive the spa/salon experience. It could also create a feeling that they would like to relive when they think of you.

Amplify the feeling of tranquility with scent that sets the mood for a truly luxurious experience. Noryan scent consultants will curate a scenting system for your spa, salon or wellness center that will induce feelings of rejuvenation. Work with us for fragrances that will not only transform your spa routine into a peaceful experience; but will also be diffused at the right saturation levels and touchpoints for a lasting impression in your clients' minds.


Scenting could be the difference between an empty building and a potential home in your clients' minds. This is because the right fragrance boosts their ability to visualize themselves in the property as a functional space, thereby boosting chances of closing the deal.

At Noryan, we partner with you to select a scent that complements the architectural and design aesthetic of your property. Our HVAC and ambient scenting solutions can be used in commercial and residential spaces of any size. Our scent systems are low maintenance and offer an instant and unforgettable imprint of luxury wherever they are stationed.


With the right scenting, your showroom atmosphere can evoke that exhilarating feeling that comes with a premium driving experience, even before a purchase is made. You can create an unforgettable experience that encourages customers to linger for longer and make a purchase.

Noryan scent consultants will install scent diffusers that evoke a new-car aura on your sales floor. Our mini car diffusers can add that distinctive element to your brand offering, instantly setting you apart from your competition. Take advantage of proven scent marketing strategies to boost your dealership, auto spa, or automotive event today.


Healthcare visitors have come to associate the distinct smell of cleaning supplies with healthcare facilities. This influences how they perceive healthcare services and what they generally expect at visits. Beyond odor elimination, scent can alter the moods of visitors, making them feel calmer and relaxed.

Work with our scent consultants to diffuse scents that will not only induce the feeling of a well-maintained facility with quality care but will also positively impact their personal wellness.


According to research, customers’ purchasing decisions are mostly based on emotions. Controlling these emotions can positively impact sales. Scenting amplifies the deco and retail environment, triggering a pleasant mood that makes customers linger for longer. And when you consistently use a scent, it becomes reminiscent of these pleasant feelings that customers will come to equate with your brand.


Fitness centers and gyms are the perfect places to diffuse essential oils and curated scents. Many oils possess anti-bacterial properties that prevent the spread of germs, boost focus and motivation, and ultimately improve workouts.

Work with Noryan to create a unique fragrance that will serve as a cue to get clients in the mood for an amazing workout.


A comforting fragrance diffused across your office floor can rejuvenate employees and help with clearing up mental blocks associated with working. Foster better client interactions, promote a productive workspace and encourage positive energy with a signature scent diffused through your office space.

Stand out with a custom scent that is unique to only your
brand. Contact us today for an olfactive logo that creates a lasting
memory in the minds of your clients.