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What is HVAC Scenting?

HVAC scenting allows you to release aroma oils through the Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system of your space. If you ever wondered how to get every section of your space to consistently smell luxurious at the right saturation level, this solution is perfect. With HVAC scenting, you can evenly and efficiently distribute your favorite fragrances throughout your home or business, ensuring that your space embodies the right ambience; and delivers an extraordinary olfactory experience every time.

How Noryan HVAC Scenting Works

Noryan HVAC diffusers use cold air diffusion technology to transform oils into nanoparticles that are dispersed through your central heating or cooling systems. By atomizing the scent oils, the diffusers deliver fragrance in the form of dry aroma mist, released through filtered cold air. This waterless and heatless process provides wider coverage and greater fragrance distribution efficiency.

HVAC Scenting for large spaces

If you are looking for the best scent solution for large spaces like casinos, large halls, hotel lobbies and office spaces, one major challenge would be maintaining fragrance consistency and adequate area coverage. For a wide area to maintain fragrance consistency, HVAC scenting is your perfect solution. It eliminates your need for multiple scent devices which may interfere with the general look or deco of the space. It also discreetly delivers efficient scenting from a central location, covering a wide area.


Noryan HVAC diffusers are available in 2 models with varying levels of coverage and diffuser attachments, giving you more options. The in-build digital timer allows you to schedule scenting times at varying saturation levels depending on the size of your space.


Noryan Pro

Noryan pro is a portable and flexible scenting solution that works with your HVAC system and can be used as a stand-alone unit. It covers an area of up to 4,000 sf, making it suitable for both home and business.


Noryan Air Elite

The Air Elite covers an area of up to 8,000sf and is perfect for much larger spaces. Its compact design makes it ideal to discreetly store away, once plugged into your HVAC system.

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