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Noryan, meaning "Symbol of Love", Was Founded by Brian and Norah (Father and Daughter).


When you reminisce about your favorite memories, you usually recall the emotions you felt rather than the actual event. It's like the warmth you feel when you're at home or the refreshing feeling you get when you finally go on that vacation you've been planning for months. We wondered, what if we could capture these pleasant sensations in a bottle? What if we could transport you back in time to relive those unforgettable moments through exquisite fragrances? And what if we could create a unique fragrance that expresses your identity, whether you're an individual or a business? Noryan was created with these possibilities in mind.

For over two decades, Brian has been passionate about curating scents and he wanted to share this passion with his daughter, Norah, while also creating a legacy. Together, they founded Noryan, a company focused on using the power of scent to express personal and business identities, enhance moods, and evoke beautiful memories. Noryan's goal is to create products that reflect your true self by incorporating style and personality into every item. They offer fragrances with patented technology that can unlock the mind's capabilities to alter your mood, with unique pairings and carefully crafted combinations that are sure to please everyone. Noryan's range includes luxurious essential/aroma oils, diffusers, and candles that can invigorate and elevate your mood, turning the simple act of infusing your space into a memorable and mood-altering experience. Because as Noryan believes, "Where there is scent… there are memories".



When we think about scents at Noryan, we strive to create extensions of who you are. We make home and spatial fragrances that incorporate a style and personality into all of our products.

Noryan offers fragrance products that unlock the mind's mood-altering capabilities. With crafted combinations and unique pairings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 


At Noryan, we envision a community of people who appreciate extraordinary scents and understand the power that fragrance has on your mood. We believe that to smell good is to feel good, and through our scents, we promote just that.