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People Buy Emotions

Much like a brand logo, scent marketing helps you distinguish your brand from others. However, scent marketing has a direct impact on your customers’ moods and emotions. This has the potential to keep you at the top of their minds and build mental connections that make them associate your brand with a pleasant mood. Since most purchases are based on emotions, you gain customer loyalty by appealing to their emotions-75% of which are influenced by the sense of smell according to research.

What Is Scent Marketing

Scent marketing involves diffusing distinct fragrances at several customer touchpoints within your space. This is beyond simply scenting your space or using an air freshener. Scent marketing translates your brand essence into a distinct fragrance that will come to represent your brand in the same way as your brand name and logo. In effect, you will have an olfactive logo that clearly communicates your brand identity and instantly boosts your customer experience on contact. Scent marketing uses a scent that is custom designed for your business, saturated through specific channels, backed by a specifically developed strategy, and aimed at achieving your marketing goals using the persuasive power of scent.

Why Scent Marketing?

Your customers must choose between you and several competitors trying to communicate similar messages. They are likely to go with a brand that they find memorable and that they can emotionally connect with. Since their attention span is short, you want to hold your customers’ interest and transform it into favorable action that can translate into a sale or brand conversion and, ultimately, long-term brand loyalty. In addition to visual and auditory elements, scent marketing helps you boost customer response by connecting all 5 senses for an all-around unforgettable customer experience.

Why Scent Marketing with Noryan?

Noryan is a scent marketing company that specializes in ambient scenting. We translate your brand identity into a mood-lifting fragrance to be diffused across customer touchpoints with just the right level of saturation. Our experience with developing fragrances for retail has equipped us to efficiently translate scent marketing strategy into insightful campaigns. We do this based on an understanding of the fragrances that suit your customer profiles.

In a competitive market, words are not enough. Let your clients experience you through their most compelling
sense-the sense of smell. Contact us today for scent marketing that adequately complements your brand efforts. 

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