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Your olfactive logo

A signature scent is more than just a personal fragrance. As an individual, it is the part of your identity that expresses your personality, distinctly announces your presence and represents your unique aura. As a business, it is your olfactive logo. Your signature scent transcends visual communication and transforms your brand into an almost human entity that is remarkable, striking and memorable.

Distinct among peers

Most brands have visual and auditory elements like a graphic logo, brand color and distinct sound. For your brand to truly stand out, you must do what most ignore-use the power of scent to influence mood and stimulate emotional responses. A signature scent embodies the brand essence. It is an olfactive logo that announces the brand presence, vividly brings the brand to life and sparks mental associations with positive moods. Over time, the scent triggers that positive mood, shaping how the brand lives in the customer’s consciousness.

The art and science of exclusivity

Noryan will translate your brand identity into notes adequately expressed through scent. We will interpret your brand in olfactive language. Work with us to design an exclusive scent that exudes your brand personality and that will come to be strongly associated with you. Our signature scent design process ensures that you communicate directly to the senses of your audience, and that you can subtly saturate your environment with your brand aura-a fragrance that complements other brand elements, truly creating a complete brand experience that stimulates all senses.

Design your signature scent

Work with Noryan to design your unique signature scent to be diffused through natural oils, exquisitely scented candles or our premium diffuser system. From custom fragrances to brand signature scents, we work closely with you to create the scent formula that communicates your uniqueness.

‘’We combine the art of brand expression and the science of scent to create a signature scent that embodies your unique brand identity’’

-Noryan team

Be exclusive

Stand out with a custom scent that is unique to only you and your brand.

Be memorable

Create a lasting impression that will be etched in the sensory memory of your audience.


75% of our emotions are influenced by our sense of smell. Boost your brand recognition and influence emotions with ambient scenting that is yours.

Boost sales

Several studies have shown that the right scent influences customer buying and spending behavior, altering moods and amplifying marketing cues.

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