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What is Event Scenting

An Inclusive Event Experience

Events could deviate from plan at any time in the program. A few hours in, and the venue arrangement might change or have a different outlook. Because scent is interactive, it allows your guests to independently interact with the event beyond what they can see, elevating their experience beyond sights and sounds. What’s more, scenting creates touch points for those with visual impairments which means greater accessibility-an inclusive event experience.

Why Event Scenting?

When people recall an event, they are more likely to remember how the event made them feel. So, getting your audience/guests to feel could mean a memorable experience. Event professionals agree that appealing to several senses is the surest way to achieve this because a multi-sensory event experience is more engaging. This is why the best events combine several elements from captivating décor to stimulating sound cues. However, most professionals neglect the transformative impact of smell in building this multi-sensory experience.

Events that happen during heightened states of emotions are usually more memorable, according toresearch.

When you plan events, from weddings, product launches and birthdays to live shows and concerts, the goal is to take your guests or audience through a journey. The ambiance sets the mood for this and complements other elements. A light and flowery fragrance at a garden-themed wedding can elevate the décor and other visual elements, creating a more vivid experience. A fresh minty or energizing scent can further immerse the audience in a live event, and boost focus and concentration. What does this mean for you? Totally immersed guests who’d remember the uniqueness of your hosting.

A Unique Marketing Approach

While most event companies focus on visual elements which is to be expected, only a few maximize the power of event scenting. If you are looking for an unexpected, lasting and cost-effective way to leave an impression in the minds of your event guests, you should consider scenting. Your guests are sure to stop and notice. Scenting at an event will boost curiosity and will naturally be a talking point for your guests, with your brand at the center. With this air of intrigue, guests can identify and interact with your brand in a unique and unforgettable way, boosting your reviews and creating an unforgettable experience.

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