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Candle care 101: Getting your candles to last longer

Getting your candles to last longer begins with a clean first burn because wax has memory. The first burn tends to set the tone for many more to come, throughout the span of the candle. Here are some essential tips to get the best out of your candles:

Trim your candle wick

Before the first burn, trim the wick to about ⅛ inches above the candle wax because the longer the wick, the bigger the candle flame. This causes the candle to burn too hot which is unsafe and causes excess soot in the candle jar.

Prevent candle tunneling

Ever wondered why the wax around a candle wick melts after a few burns, while the wax at the edge remains hard? This is called tunneling and can be prevented when you let the top layer of wax melt completely at first burn. You want to even out the first wax layer which takes about an hour to melt completely. So be sure to keep an eye on your candle and put it out when this has been achieved.

No prolonged burning

After four hours of burning, you should put out your candle. Prolonged burning causes carbon to collect on the wick, which forms a ‘mushroom’ shape at the wick tip. This could cause soot, smoke and an unstable flame which can be dangerous.

Purchasing a Noryan candle is an investment in your self-care routine. Because much like a movie soundtrack, the right candle sets the mood, transforming the mundane into a memorable experience. And, when you think about it, lighting a candle with a book in hand, cozy on a couch with your favorite drink, is a beautiful way to truly spend some ‘me time.’ So, create beautiful memories with our amazing fragrances.