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What Is Scent Marketing?

Increase Brand Awareness

Loyalty, Memorability, Connection

Scenting allows you to connect with your customer on an emotional level and make your brand more powerful and memorable. Subtly diffusing pleasant aromas in your business can inspire loyalty and create a more pleasurable experience for your guests.

Harnessing the power of emotion linked with a smell. We help our clients to create unique and memorable environments, fix problems with bad odors, and brand products. Our designated fragrance designers can develop any fragrance or combination of fragrances, just for you.

Scent Sells

Research, Facts, Revenue

There is a lot more to scent branding than just creating a pleasant aroma, or transmitting the aroma of a product. Research tells us that the sense of smell affects about 75% of our daily emotions, and plays a significant role in memory. The sense of smell is different from the other senses because it is processed first by the limbic system, the same part of the brain responsible for memory, perceptions, and emotions. The other senses are first directed through the analytical part of the brain, before indirectly reaching the emotional sphere. So scent is a more primitive sense, and science is discovering that scent plays a much larger part in influencing our emotions and decisions.

Scent Marketing is a growing trend in advertising, and it is becoming more and more successful because companies start to realize that our senses play a vital and complex role in forming our mood, thoughts, and behaviors. Businesses are spending millions of dollars to stand out and catch our attention, yet 83 percent of commercial communication presently revolves around visual and auditory stimuli.

Scent marketing offers an avenue that is different from traditional branding strategies, and although it has not been yet fully discovered by companies, it is making a tremendous impact on those who use it. Scent marketing revolves around the fact that a human brain is most receptive and most likely to form, retain, revisit and reinterpret memory when all five senses are engaged. By influencing more than one sense, brands can establish a stronger and longer lasting emotional connection with the customer and finally be memorable.

Savvy businesses of tomorrow will create a powerhouse brand that will go beyond the realm of traditional TV and print ads. Those brands will engage their customers in a multi-sensory experience creating an environment that caters to all of the five senses and becomes unique.

How We Help

We assist companies in determining how to best meet their goals using scent, so that they can create the desired mood, impression or effect by using the right scent in the right environment. In a similar way that an appropriate, well-composed song or melody can have a long-term impact on the listener, so too can a well-thought out scent.

We Work With Companies To:

• Examine their brand philosophies, principles, and objectives.
• Identify their message and target audience.
• Deliver and employ the correct scent and scent delivery systems.

Scent Branding

Emotion, Memory, Experience

In December 2006, Advertising Age identified the use of scent in advertising as one of the top 10 marketing trends to watch in 2007.

Over the last 25 years, numerous studies have been conducted by research scientists on the behavioral effects of scent upon consumers. These studies indicate that the incorporation of scent to create a true multi-sensory branding campaign delivers a much more compelling consumer message.

A few important studies have shown customers would spend 40% more time in an area of a retail store scented with a distinct scent over an odor-free area. Research also showed an 84% increase in the willingness to purchase a pair of Nike shoes in a scented room over an odor-free room (and pay $10.33 more for the same pair of shoes). In another study, slot machine receipts increased by 53% in the scented area of a casino. (*Brand Sense / Martin Lindstrom / Free Press 2005).

In the highly competitive $800 billion advertising industry, most companies only use two of the five senses (sight and sound) in their branding and marketing strategies. However, because emotions are so closely tied to our sense of smell, decision makers are beginning to understand that building emotional ties with scent between consumers and products is critical.

A good, comparative example of this macro-growth phenomenon would be the home fragrance/aromatherapy market that began over two decades ago. In 1984 the home fragrance market was virtually non-existent. By 1994, the home fragrance market reached approximately $230 million in annual sales. According to Euromonitor International, the recognized global standard in market analysis, the home fragrance category in 2008 exceeded $8.4 billion in sales.

We offer scenting solutions by industry, so you can maximize the impact that scenting has on your specific environment.

Key Scent Benefits Are:

• The creation of a memorable experience for your guests.
• An enhanced perception of your brand and product.
• Increase Sales: Customers stay longer in a pleasant smelling space. Studies have shown up to 44%
• Enhanced customer loyalty.
• Increased productivity of your staff.